Mór Mini Irish Gin- Triple Gift Pack

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If you love gin, you’ll adore Mór!

For our discerning gin drinkers, we’ve united our three offerings… Pineapple, Original, and London Dry, all snugly displayed in a tasteful presentation box.

Savour each individual blend before adding further botanicals.

Don’t introduce any tonic- just yet.
Ice is nice but it can wait.

Fancy garnish is fun but does it enhance the taste or spoil it? 

(You’ll never know unless you try it as neat as we made it)

Now slowly, steadily, expectantly anticipate the flavour.
Trickle and swirl the nectarous spirit into a smooth curved glass to give it air, releasing off its fragrant notes.
Now, neutralise your nasal passages and palette by gently inhaling coffee beans (it really works!)

Then breathe in the pure essence of juniper.

Smell any different now? 

Now taste…

Pineapple- that sweet, pleasant heady mix of tropical temptation.
Original – our regular berry infused gin  that’s stood the test of time,
And London Dry- a traditional, savoury spirit that takes on all comers.
This is all about the ‘experience’.

And when you’ve chosen your favourite, you might just share. You might not.

These 50ml tasters are only the start of something bigger and better.

  1. Bisoye Aramide

  2. Niamh

    Decided to order directly from Mor rather than buying from an off license, and I’ll definitely buy again. It comes so quickly and I got a free glass, free cocktail book and free hand sanitizer all for the same price of the bottle in an off license! Really nice touch!

    Mór Pineapple 70cl in Gift TubeMór Pineapple 70cl in Gift Tube

  3. Natasha

  4. Anonymous

    Fantastic gin, lovely glass and great to receive a free cocktail recipe book and bottle of hand sanitiser too! Fast delivery and great service. Will order again 🙂

    Mór London Dry Gin - 70clMór London Dry Gin – 70cl

  5. Niamh

  6. Niamh

    The Pineapple Gin and the gift packaging it comes in is gorgeous. Highly recommend ordering from the guys at Mór if you’re looking for quality gin and fast shipping!

    Mór Pineapple 70cl in Gift TubeMór Pineapple 70cl in Gift Tube

  7. Eimear M.

    Glasses perfect size!

    Mór Gin GlassMór Gin Glass

  8. Eimear M.

    Amazing gin and amazing customer service! Delivered within two days and gin is so tasty! Came with a little booklet that will be very handy!

    Mór Irish Gin Wildberry with Gift Tube 70clMór Irish Gin Wildberry with Gift Tube 70cl

  9. Anonymous

    Great product! Lovely flavour! My new favourite gin 👌🏽

    Mór Pineapple Irish GinMór Pineapple Irish Gin

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