Irish Craft Gin: A Revolution

Mar 06, 2016

Many people already know about craft beer and now, beer’s cousin is here to stage itself in the limelight and show what innovation it has brought to the gin industry especially in Ireland.

A revolution in Irish Gin drinking continues to increase the surge of interests in cocktails and gin. Irish craft gin has become one one of the fastest consumed spirits today.

Irish craft gin is the new way of enjoying the resurgance in craft. Whiskey has been a huge part of the history of Irish distilleries. The Irish whiskeys have craved a path to share a the Irish reputation for producing premium drinks.

The spirits industry has generally recognized craft gin as gins that use hand craftsmanship and are made in small batches that appeal to a tradition as craft products. Gin drinkers have considered just like beer and wine that has a ton of craftsmanship, expertise, and appreciation.

With a whole new raft of craft gin distilleries popping all around Ireland today, long may the revolution continue.

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