Foods To Pair With Gin

Oct 11, 2016

With the popularity of gin, you may spend a lot of time in drinking the wonderful nectar. However, you'll need foods to pair with gin at some point. Whether you know some boozeepetizers or not, below are some food pairings when drinking an Irish craft gin.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Do you want to make your drinking time even more different? Do you want to pair gin with foods that can level up the former taste? If that is the case, you can take cucumber sandwiches into account. If you don't eat cucumber, you can try sandwiches made with egg, or smoked salmon recipes.

Strong Cheeses

Usually, gin is paired with fried and spicy foods. But, you can also make strong cheeses as your boozeepetizers. The strong odors and tastes provide a lovely juxtaposition to a Gin & Tonic


Gin also goes truly well with fruits including blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. They can give you a little sweet hit. When you feel weary after a long day of work, summer fruits can refresh your energy and enthusiasm.

Cured Meats

Irish gin gets on amazingly well with salty and spicy cured meats. It's a hard one to quantify but trust me, your mouth will thank me.

So there you are, a list of the foods to pair with gin. They can definitely enhance your experience. Whether it's an ordinary day or a special occasion, the above foods pair well with a tasty gin beverage. But, avoid too much gin consumption to protect your health.

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